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Murder, spirits and the Wild West: James Jandrisch's Strange Empire score

The composer talks writing the music for the powerful CBC-TV drama.

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Elliott BROOD road woes: robbery and a witch

A first-hand account of one rough week of touring that was made slightly better by the kindness of a witch.

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What's on Lindi Ortega's alt-country playlist?

Toronto's Lindi Ortega (as seen on ABC's Nashville) shares her alt-country playlist and her porta-potty etiquette.

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'Copperhead Road' at 25: Steve Earle’s 10 greatest outlaw songs

On the 25th anniversary of "Copperhead Road" (which was even more popular in Canada than it was in the States), we look at Steve Earle's greatest outlaw songs.

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When gospel meets country

Some country stars sing about sins, while others sing hymns. We look at the rare acts who do both.

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