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artist Kidstreet

Waterloo, ON, CANADA
Nettwerk Records
Electro, Trip Hop

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Waterloo electro trio Kidstreet have barely started to make their mark in Canada, but the three siblings who make up the synth-pop outfit have already inked a major licensing deal with Ford. The staccato piano from their song (simply titled Song) backs the car-maker’s latest TV spot.

“It’s one of the few good ways left to make money in music – and we plan to invest that money back into the band,” says drummer Karl Snyder.

Rounded out by older brother Cliff on synths and guitar and younger sister Edna on piano and vocals, Kidstreet began with a different sound. They only decided on their present upbeat and uptempo direction last summer.

“We were playing this really depressing-sounding music and no one was dancing. Then, one day we wrote a dance song by accident, and people loved it, so we were like, ‘Oh, this what we need to do!’” remembers Snyder.

Onstage, the band blends electronic elements with live drums, vocals, guitar and synths – while encouraging the crowd to dance.

“We reproduce our recorded sound as much as we can. We’re trying to make experimental dance music, and we sound like a DJ but with the energy of a live band.”

Snyder laughs that sometimes their audience gets nostalgic over their name, shamelessly lifted from classic kids’ TV game show Kidstreet.

“People started doing the clap at our shows! It’s nerdy but also pretty terrific to see a sweaty crowd doing it!”

Kidstreet have recently signed to Nettwerk Records to release their debut album in March 2011 worldwide.

Their first single, "X" is out now and available as a free download on their myspace, facebook, and websites.


Edna Snyder Vocals/Keyboards
Karl Snyder Drums/Vocals
Cliff Snyder Keyboards/Guitar
Nettwerk Records
March, 2011
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Nettwerk Records
January, 2011
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Caribou - Sun (Kidstreet Remix)
January, 2011
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X Single
Nettwerk Records
June, 2010
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