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artist frank deresti and the lake effect

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CANADA
Tidal Records

biographical info

Frank Deresti is a versatile and adventurous musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and adventure seeker. He is an active contributor to the canadian indie-music scene, touring and collaborating, covering a wide cross-section of musical styles and genres.

frank deresti and the lake effect consists of a highly skilled group of ontario-based musicians performing arrangements of several original songs written by Frank, as well as occasional tasty re-arrangements of songs by better-known artists. This 5-plus piece band brings a level of musicianship and energy to the singer-songwriter genre that place this group in a class by themselves. The cross-genre versatility of each of the players results in a fresh new sound covering elements of folk, jazz, roots, and various other influences sure to engage a wide cross-section of listeners.

frank deresti and the lake effect released their debut album, This Time, in April 2012. They released their second album, which is self titled, in February 2014. 

Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect
Tidal Records
February, 2014
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this time
April, 2012
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frank deresti and the lake effect

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