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artist frank deresti and the lake effect

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CANADA
Tidal Records

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CBC’s Amanda Putz describes their sound as “folk-pop awesomeness.”  Music-lovers have commonly referred to them as “a breath of fresh air.”   Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect are a hard-working and adventurous group of musicians with an infectious love of performing, whose unique take on the singer-songwriter genre have been delighting audiences since the release of their debut album - “this time”, in 2012.

This band blends acoustic guitar, banjo, saxophone, trumpet, violin, upright bass, drums, percussion and layers of vocal harmonies to create an ever-changing sonic experience in support of Frank’s thought-provoking songs. The combination of Frank’s songwriting and the undeniable talent of each member of this five-plus piece band provides a listening experience sure to please a wide cross-section of listeners.  Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect adeptly entertain in the rowdiest of settings or the most sensitive of rooms.  From heart-felt ballads to spontaneous moments of unbridled energy, all wrapped in a package of unquestionable musicianship and dedication to their craft,  this band is a must-see.


Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect
Tidal Records
February, 2014
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this time
April, 2012
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frank deresti and the lake effect

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