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A Toronto native currently immersed in Austin’s music community, Bryce Clifford brings along a heavy hitting Texas band who perform with a ‘wheels might come off’ intensity and live performances lauded for boundless fresh interpretations of songs.   Melodic indie-rock in the vein of late Replacements and early Elvis Costello, their sound at times straddles balladry and post-punk defiance.  The band's been 'cutting their teeth' in venues throughout the country and northward into Canada since ‘09.  The New Year finds them promoting the indie record "Hail Tapes", captured live and pressed on 12" vinyl.

Bryce releases the live record "Hail Tapes" on cd and vinyl in 2011.  The new recording was captured live in one-take to 2-inch tape.  Produced by James Stevens of Austin's acclaimed locals 'Moonlight Towers', the collection of songs also includes guest appearances by members of 'Sleepercar', 'New Pornographers' and 'Lil Cap'n Travis'.

Bryce moved to Austin in 06', where he recorded "Signal the Sun".  Live performances attracted top players like Kim Deschamps (pedal-steel guitar / Cowboy Junkies / Blue Rodeo),  Jon Blondel (Willie Nelson, Sublime) and Tony Scalzo (Fastball) to collaborate on live shows.

"SIGNAL THE SUN" garnered praise from Europe, U.S. and Canada, including Americana UK (*9 of 10 stars), Roots Time Belgium, The Toronto Star, Alt-Country Netherlands, among others.

In 2007, Bryce was invited to compose the original musical score for "Hitting Their Mark", a BRAVO-TV documentary about the state of live theatre, which continues to air frequently across Canada.

In Canada, Bryce began performing out with his brother, Bradford, in 'PEDESTRIAN STATUS' (Ped-stat to college fans) in the late-90's.  They appeared on Toronto's famed Queen Street with sophisticated hooks and melodic layers, often performing at famed El Mocambo, Horseshoe, and Wavelength series.  They released two independent CD's, "HOME BREW" & "DRIFTER", which made top ten at College Radio in Southwestern Ontario.


Bryce Clifford Guitar, Piano, Vox
Andy Mirsberger Bass
Thomas Van Der Brook Bari Sax, Violin
Daniel Jones Drums, Percussion
Adoniram Lipton Keyboards, Piano


Husker Du
Nina Simone
Daniel Lanois
Neil Young
joni mitchell
van morrison
Forgotten Rebels
Jon Dee Graham
Hail Tapes
May, 2011
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