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artist bahamas

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Universal Music Canada

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Bahamas is Afie Jurvanen, and for the last many years he's been playing other people's music. PasoMino, Great Lake Swimmers, The Stills, Howie Beck, Amy Millan, Jason Collett, Hayden and zeus all claim to have had played music with him and some of these artists even go so far as to include his name in their liner notes. Youtube footage confirms he's spent the last few years playing piano and guitar with Feist. He walks with a strange and haunted gait, due to a horrible knee injury suffered while on tour, and it's rumored that this might be what led to the appalling "shorts on stage" incident. No photo's of the crime have surfaced and the indie rock police are asking anyone with information to come forward. A Bahamas live show is likely to be a solo affair, though lately, a host of Toronto time keepers have been sitting behind the drum kit to accompany the Finnish-Canadian through a set of his so called "love songs." "Pink Strat," the title of Afie's debut record, and is most likely an homage to the very old, and very wimpy sounding Fender Stratocaster ( that he's been known to play. Jim Downes March 2009

Bahamas is Afie
Universal Music Canada
August, 2014
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Universal Music Canada
February, 2012
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Pink Strat
Nevado Records
July, 2009
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Caught Me Thinking 3:00

Caught Me Thinking

Courtesy Bushfire Records

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