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artist Wyckham Porteous

Victoria, BC, CANADA
Cordova Bay Records
Alt Pop

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Picking up where he started with Looking for Ground, Wyckham has introduced new sounds that are augmented with the spoken word and various singing styles and voices. The album sounds warm, rich and smooth. While recording in several locations including a garage, the bulk of the project took shape in Vancouver's Magic Lab Studios with co-producer John Ellis. Once again, with the rock solid backing of Pat Steward (Odds) and Rob Becker (Patricia Conroy), this record takes chances. It is an artistic album. The tracks are held together not by tempo, or sonic similarly but by story, emotion and feel. It is hard to explain having piano lounge tracks mixed with folk rap, rock, jazz, country and blues on the same album unless something stronger is holding the pieces together - and this is the case with this work.


Wyckham Porteous Singer/songwriter
3 AM
Cordova Bay Records
February, 2008
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Cordova Bay Records
August, 2001
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