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artist White Cowbell Oklahoma

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Slick Monkey

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Legendary Canadian rock armada White Cowbell Oklahoma return with their most ambitious album to date. Bolstered by a tight new lineup, Buenas Nachas incorporates a breakneck mix of pulverizing riff-rockers and progressive Tex-Mex rollers. Kosmische motorik musik à la Ennio Morricone (via Jacksonville and San Antonio)? Some might say.

Critically-acclaimed earlier WCO releases Cencerro Blanco (2003) and Casa Diablo (2006) drew heavy inspiration from southern/Texas/classic rock traditions, while
Bombardero (2009) saw the band entering Space-Prog territory. On Buenas Nachas the band travels further south than ever before, crossing the Nuevo Laredo border without looking back. Countless rock n roll thrills and lurid side-trips ensue. Spirit guide recommended.

White Cowbell Oklahoma, featuring new blood from several well-known Toronto bands, rage across Europe and North America through 2012 and 2013. The band is already known for its unprecedented live show -- which often features extended jams, near-riots, plus unorthodox power tool usage . WCO allegedly have many new aces up their sleeves. Bring protection.

Also look for the non-album single “Take Me Down To Mexico” b/w “(Just) Some Things A
Man Can't Keep Inside” in coming months!




Clem Clemsen vocals/guitar
Chainsaw Charles percussion/electricals
South Pawl Jones bass
Handsome Chuck guitar
BD Taggart guitar/vocals
GM Safari drums


Hieronymus Bosch
ZZ Top/James Gang
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Deep Purple/Captain Beyond
Frank Zappa
David Lynch
Buenas Nachas
Slick Monkey
January, 2013
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January, 2011
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March, 2009
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Slick Monkey
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where to buy
527 College St, Toronto, ON, M6G 1B3
(416) 537-1620
801 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1G1
(416) 504-8447
512 Bloor Street St. West, Toronto, ON, M5S 1Y3
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White Cowbell Oklahoma

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