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artist White Cowbell Oklahoma

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Slick Monkey
Rock, Hard Rock

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Just in time for the sextet's 15thAnniversary World Tour, legendary Canadian rock armada White Cowbell Oklahoma return with Mixto Sixto – yet another serving of unmatched, high-velocity psychedelic-rock and three-guitar explosiveness from the legendary Canadian rock armada.

Mixto Sixto is the sixth full-length release in a long line of critically-acclaimed, increasingly-progressive albums: Cencerro Blanco (2003), Casa Diablo (2006), Bombardero (2009), Viva Live Locos (2010) and Buenas Nachas (2012).

Bearing no fat or filler, Mixto Sixto also showcases WCO's ever-more-formidable musicianship. It is the band's “livest” (mostly) studio album album ever – an inevitable consequence of having completed four European and North American tours in the last year alone. WCO's interplay and musical chemistry thus reach unparallelled levels on these tracks, which were recorded in both Toronto, Canada, as well as Leiden and Amsterdam, Holland.

In just six songs, the album demonstrates the wide of scope of White Cowbell Oklahoma's musical universe: “Kansas City Pity” and “Keepin' Six (Take It Down To Mexico)” are both infectiously catchy three-minute stompers; “Keep It On The Rail” boasts unrelenting proto-metal (with a few unexpected detours into trippy, acid-rock territory); while “I'm Screamin' For It” offers a disquieting, bluesy homage to a certain Mr. Hawkins via the Stones and The Experience.

The disc is book-ended by epic covers that have long been featured and re-adapted in WCO's live sets: Deep Purple's “Speed King” and a cosmic take on Zappa's “Magic Fingers,” aptly recorded live in Amsterdam.

White Cowbell Oklahoma rage across Europe and North America through 2015 and 2016. The band's live shows - which often feature extended jams, near-riots and unorthodox power tool usage – are a spectacle to behold. After more than fifteen years, WCO have many new aces up their sleeves. Bring protection.




Clem Clemsen vocals/guitar
Chainsaw Charles percussion/electricals
South Pawl Jones bass
Blind BBQ Wilson Guitar
GM Safari drums
Johnny Butterball Guitar/Vocals


Hieronymus Bosch
ZZ Top/James Gang
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Deep Purple/Captain Beyond
Frank Zappa
David Lynch
Mixto Sixto
Slick Monkey
March, 2015
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Buenas Nachas
Slick Monkey
January, 2013
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Viva Live Locos: Alive at the Burg Herzberg Festival
January, 2011
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Slick Monkey
March, 2009
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Casa Diablo
Slick Monkey
July, 2006
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Cencerro Blanco
Slick Monkey
November, 2005
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where to buy
527 College St, Toronto, ON, M6G 1B3
(416) 537-1620
801 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1G1
(416) 504-8447
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White Cowbell Oklahoma

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