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artist William Brookfield

Enderby, BC, CANADA

biographical info

William (Peter) Bug(s)ly Brookfield -- Professional solo musician, entertainer, composer, producer since 1974. Played piano/keyboard for Long John Baldry band in 1995. Composed and produced 32 min "Northern Symphony of Light" for the Northern Lights Space and Science Center Planetarium (Watson Lake Yukon) in 2000 and the "Alaska Waltz" (for Dawson Creek) in 2001.  William enjoys playing his live keyboard-based drumming system ("hyperdrumming") that he invented in 1992. "Mabel Lake Road" is perhaps the best example its effective use for recording purposes.



William Brookfield artist


Andrew Lloyd Webber
Deep Purple
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikowski
Simon and Garfunkel
Teach only Love
March, 2014
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William Brookfield

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