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artist Victoria & The Secrets

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

biographical info

Victoria & the Secrets was founded in June 2010 by singer/songwriter Victoria Davidson. Since then the indy jazz fusion band has delighted Vancouver audiences with their tight, inspiring sound and their proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages. Melding the essence of classic pop and jazz and in the styles of Aimee Mann and Norah Jones, Victoria & the Secrets combine the very best of alternative, jazz and pop while entertaining with refreshing sincerity and originality.
Victoria & the Secrets have recently completed studio time to produce their first set of download cards, which include “Ms. Jones”, “Lost” and “Catholic Boy” which have consistently been met with rave review


Victoria Davidson Lead Vocals, piano, guitars
Patrick Edwards Drums & percussion
Adrienne Edwards Bass guitar
Some streams are not available outside of Canada. If you are located in Canada, please Contact us and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

Victoria & The Secrets

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