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artist Veda Hille

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Ape House
Alt Pop

biographical info

Born August 11, 1968 into a nice family in Vancouver, Canada. Started playing piano in 1974. Childhood interests included plants, books, microscopes, science fiction, and psychiatry. Attended art college in the late 80's and started writing music. Now makes records, writes musical theatre, scores films, teaches songwriting, tours, and generally keeps busy.


Martin Walton bass, lap steel, ukulele, jaw harp
Barry Mirochnick drums
Skye Brooks drums
Peggy Lee cello
Jesse Zubot violin
Patsy Klein vocals, flute
AK Coope clarinet
Shaun Brodie trumpet
Ford Pier guitarist
Peter Panties
February, 2013
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This Riot Life
Ape House
March, 2008
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You do not live in this world alone
January, 1999
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Veda Hille

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