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artist Uncut

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Paper Bag Records

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“Lurking just far enough beyond the radar to remain unnecessarily obscure, while perpetually frustrating evangelical admirers has been this underappreciated Toronto quartet’s modus operandi for a decade.”

—Ben Rayner, Toronto Star


“Uncut’s long-awaited third album is everything holdout diehard fans have been hoping for from these acclaimed local guitar rockers. Strong from start to finish, the album picks up right where the hard-charging, eardrum-rattling quartet left off seven years ago.”

—Jordan Bimm, Now Toronto


After a protracted absence, Toronto’s Uncut—Jon Drew (drums), Chris McCann (guitar), Derek Tokar (bass, vocals) and Ian Worang (guitar, vocals)—have returned with their third album, Infinite Repeats, released on July 16 by MB3 Records.

While Uncut has never had a problem generating critical praise, their limited output has proven a sometimes frustrating case for their fans—it’s been seven years since the release of their second album Modern Currencies.

But an eventful seven years it’s been.

Following the release of two albums and supporting tours with the likes of Death From Above 1979, Bob Mould and Dinosaur Jr., singer, guitar player and songwriter Sam Goldberg left Uncut to join Canadian idols Broken Social Scene. With fast approaching live dates, Chris McCann was quickly drafted into the band. McCann soon found himself on tour in the US and Japan, and a crucial factor in what turned out to be the lengthy and at times arduous process of writing a third album.

In the end, it was worth the effort.

Recorded and mixed by drummer Jon Drew, who’s previously manned the console for Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club and Arkells, Infinite Repeats represents an evolution rather than a radical departure from its two predecessors, building on Uncut’s trademark feedback-heavy guitar squall, fuzzed out bass and rhythmic urgency. The result, weaving together stylistic strands of post-punk aggression and shoegaze wall-of-sound, pays homage to 90s college radio touchstones such as Fugazi, Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr. without ever devolving into mimicry.

Next steps? As Now Magazine recently asked, “how about some shows?” 


Ian Worang Band Member
Derek Tokar Band Member
Jon Drew Band Member
Chris McCann Band Member


Joy Division
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Thieves Watch (Thomas D'Arcy Inspirational Remix)
December, 2013
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Infinite Repeats
July, 2013
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Kept Hidden & Young Pioneers - Split Single
Elkion Records
August, 2011
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Paper Bag Records
October, 2006
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Paper Bag Records
May, 2004
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Breaking Glass (Live) 3:42

Breaking Glass (Live)

Recorded live at MTV.

Darkhorse 3:01


There may be collateral damage.

Understanding The New Violence 3:40
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