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artist Tyburn Tree

Maidstone, ON, CANADA
Progressive, Metal

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Tyburn Tree didn’t have to find the Devil to sell their soul,  he came looking for them.

Tyburn Tree was formed in Essex County, Ontario.  Melding a love for heavy metal and  groove based rock, with roots solidified in the blues, the band was born out of intense practice sessions in the summer of 2006.  The music of Tyburn Tree sets itself apart with an intoxicating fusion of funk based grooves, whisky drenched delta blues, and the intensity of a six shooter (loaded with heaviest metal imaginable). 

Featuring Erik McCoy on charcoal grilled vocals, Andy Gravel going John Mcenroe on the drums , Dan D’Alessandro carving out bigger grooves than the Mariana Trench on bass,  Shawn Walstedt on guitars strung with the hair of young, beautiful, Swedish virgins, and Nathan Walstedt on guitar (see above concerning Swedish virgins).  Together they form a blues metal odyssey.  Grimier than the streets of Sodom, but smoother than the wheelchair ramp to heaven.

Tyburn Tree’s new album “Parliament of Trees” was recorded at Sound Foundry Studios in the beginning of 2008.  Produced and recorded by Brett Humber, the album is the most root’in ist, toot’in ist, gun-toting, cavalcade of  mayhem and debauchery Windsor has ever seen.


Andy Gravel Drums
Erik McCoy Vocals
Shawn Walstedt Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Walstedt Guitar


Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
The Black Keys
Parliament Of Trees
April, 2009
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Tyburn Tree

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