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artist Tony Pollon

Ladysmith, BC, CANADA

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Tony has been on at least 3 different local televised shows He has done the Mill Bay Country Music Festival three years in a row back in the 90's and also The Coombs Country Music Festival. He has written a ten song album called Alone In The night of which has had a lot of play on the indie stations all over the world. He is working on finishing his second Album,Which Is Called I'm Putting In My Time He has released four different singles with Western Heart Promotions in 2004 & 2005 and has had songs released on RDR promotions & also with Comstock Records Tony writes and co produces his own songs and always has a new one in the making. . Tony usually records at Liar's Moon Studios in Nanaimo, B.C. with his good friend and steel guitar player and also lead guitar player and owner of Liar's Moon Studios Mr. Ray Leroux. You may check out some of his songs at or

About Tony Pollon
 Tony was 11 years old when he first played in front of a crowd . It was an amature contest & he took first prisze along with his father accompanying him. He played the lap steel with his father playing accoustic rythym guitar.  Later in his teen days ,he formed a group along with his good friend Fred Turner They played in teen clubs for a couple years  then went different directions
Tony went on to play with a group Terry & The Gentry & Turner later on joined in the group of The original B.T. O.
 A few years later Tony made the move from Winnipeg Man.  to Vancouver ,B.C. & started into playing country music & before too long was on the road playing all over B.C, Yukon Territories, Alberta ,Alaska, Charlotte Islands, & some other parts of The U.S.A.. It was a great experiance seeing all these places & also making money doing it. It was the late 70's when tony changed playing with bands & went on playing as a single act.Tony got more well kown seeing his name in lights & on billboards& soon had more work then he could handle. He decided to do some recording of his own songs & wound up selling them at his gigs. This got him into dong a few locally televised shows  & was getting more in demand as time went on &.
  Tony was asked to play for four years in a row at the Mill Bay Country Music Festival  along on the same venue  with some of the greats such as Dick Dameron Jery Reed ,Ian Tyson The Moffat Family , Franky Rogers, The Family Tradition with Marilyn Schedel who sang  harmony on one of Tony's Albums.
It was great to meet all these wonderful people & since then Tony has recorded three different 45's plus  two different albums , Alone In The Night & I'm Putting In My Time and has also been on many many different compilation discs. Tony took a year off from playing the clubs but is now booking himself again & the calender is filling up.Come & joinTony at one of his shows. .Best wishes to all & see you there.


Tony Pollon Song Writer & Singer


Alan Jackson
George Straite
Jim Reeves
Waylon Jennings
Willie Neilson
I'm Putting In My Time
January, 2006
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Tony Pollon

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