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Calgary, AB, CANADA

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Tone Indbryn and Phil Krawczuk
Tone and Phil are both accomplished musicians and have teamed up their talents to create an unorthodox sound. Tone Indbryn is a singer songwriter/poet from BC has been working her craft for the past 20 years. Her music crosses many sub genres within the folk scene, a frank lyricist and individual. Tone is true to her songs and her craft. Melodies carry thought provoking words that leave the listener thinking. Never afraid to step out into the unknown she has dedicated her soul to song writing. She has used music to write her way through, Single parenthood, poverty, loss and life's ever turning tides transforming every situation around for herself with her talent. As a performer she has the capability to draw her audience in and uses her humour to connect to people celebrating the humanness in us all.  She has been featured with many artists some of whom are: RC Weslowski, Tamara Nile, Ana BonBon, Carol Wiedemann,SR Duncan, Monica Lee, CR Avery, and Craig McCaul. She has performed in slams, radio, festivals as well as award winning movie soundtrack. Recently: Sunshine Festival, Arts Wells festival and Richmond Maritime Festival, Thundering Word and Pandora’s Collective. She has two publications with The Poetry Institute of Canada and has written for BC Musician Magazine. She has been collaborating with Phil Krawczuk, a very talented and creative producer, composer and musician who has toured with many industry greats including Juno award winner Eddie Eastman and has produced Kevin Sands, The Earth Kings, Pat Savage, Jim Hamilton and others. Phil has keyed into the essence of what Tone is about and together they have created a music that is both captivating and unique. They have been recording diligently on the extensive catalogue of material. You will be impressed with the depth of works.


phil Krawczuk producer/composer


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Lori Anderson
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