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artist Timeless Void

Guelph, ON, CANADA

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Here we are the Timeless Void, forged from the desire to create a unique and powerful sound. This ambition is what has driven the band forward overtime. Since the Timeless Void was founded back in 2007, it has seen many members come and go. Both of us (Alex Hilson and Eric St-Pierre) have been involved since the very start, each of us serving many roles within the band at any given time.

Our influences range from Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, The Kinks and Elvis Presley, and that's being brief about it! Generally our style has resembled folk rock music, but don't let that fool ya'. We enjoy pushing the barriers musically and do not have any reservations about experimenting with other styles of song. As long as it sounds, good, it is good!

As a rule of thumb we intend on recording our music ourselves because we both agree that doing it ourselves makes our recordings more meaningful (at the very least to us). That said we’d also like to hear from you, the good people out there! How do you want us to sound? Where would you like us to play? We want YOU to get involved with making the Timeless Void everything that it can be and will be. Here we are the Timeless Void Void, just doing fine in Guelph, Ontario!


Alex Hilson Bass/Flute/Vocals
Eric St-Pierre Guitarist/Vocals/Audio Tech


Pink Floyd
The Kinks
The Who
The Tea Party
Deep Purple
Moody Blues
Elvis Presley
Younger Days
March, 2013
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Fallout - Timeless Void 1:51

Fallout - Timeless Void

Front man of the Timeless Void playing an original song "Fallout" at the Roxy Open Mic night

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 Limited Play

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