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artist This Mad Desire

Hamilton, ON, CANADA

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Theatrical Acoustic-Alternative Post-Heroin-Chic, kind of like Tim Curry meets Edward Scissorhands meets Karl Wallinger, who’s also a Buddhist. There’s a darkness there that’s not really dark, just real. 

(Hamilton, ON) This Mad Desire is the rock and roll brand for the music of Mackenzie Kristjon whose music is often described as like "Neil Young on David Bowie drugs". Mackenzie won his first national songwriting competition as a teenager and has never stopped writing. He has toured through Canada and Europe with TMD and with chamber-pop group Barzin.

Aside from performing and writing albums, Mackenzie has contributed music to films (Mary) and theatre (Eden Mills Theatrical Hike). He has also published an award-winning cookbook, The Culinary Saga of New Iceland, and other books. Hamilton-based QPM Comics has produced the comic Mac Attack based on Mackenzie as well. He is also involved with the 2015 Juno Awards taking place in Hamilton, Ontario.

His albums Deathstyle::Celebration (2007), Valhalla Demos (2012), and Radio Friendly Fire (2015) are available at

Mackenzie is currently writing his new album in Hamilton, Ontario, under influence of the steeltown and his Icelandic heritage.


A special message from Jeff Rau:

..may i also put in my personal request for a revival of drinkme. i know, i'm stuck on the early stuff. i gotta move on to twentyfirstcenturymac.... the mac of the people, no longer pretending to be caught up in the mysticism of the rockstar lifestyle, rather living it with guitar saliently blazing from his pelvis like an extraordinarily massive musical erection. his explosive talent is our joy, and his joy is our wet dream. his makeup is only a crumb of what lies hidden in his pockets. he is....twentyfirstcenturymac.


A special message from Natalina Cechova:

Have you ever loved so simply that it couldn't be simpler? I don`t know if it's what it should be but have you ever loved so pure that you couldn't imagine something more bright? Just a pure shining in your body if a doctor cuts through your skin he wouldn't just find there a light, warm and calming? Have you ever found this PEACE in your heart? Like you falling asleep next to the person and you feel no fear, no worries about what will come tomorrow? Maybe it's an illusion of love but then I wanna live in dream.


Mackenzie Kristjon Vocals/Guitars


Leonard Cohen
Lou Reed
Neil Young
Nick Cave
PJ Harvey
Black Sabbath
David Bowie
the spirit world
Radio Friendly Fire
January, 2015
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June, 2012
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January, 2007
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This Mad Desire 3:18

This Mad Desire

This is basically a demo but it has been variously described as "GREAT", "awesome!" and "killer". I prefer the "killer" remark because it reminds me of Iron Maiden!

where to buy
20 Wilson St., Hamilton, ON
(905) 523-1010
Some streams are not available outside of Canada. If you are located in Canada, please Contact us and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

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