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artist Their Majesties

Halifax, NS, CANADA
Just Friends Records
Pop, Space Pop

biographical info


September, 2009: Having noticed that the biography that this biography is replacing had not been updated since 2006, the writing of this biography began in earnest. The particulars of this biography are less particular than those of the last, because of the lack of particulars which, to be perfectly honest, have not particularly taken place. Let's stick to facts, then.

1) Their Majesties are a 5 piece rock and roll band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. 2) Their Majesties have a new LP coming out in October 24th, 2009. 3) At least one member of Their Majesties is an Anthropologist.

Avert your gaze from Fact Number 3 and focus in on the (less) interesting Fact Number 2! Whether you have to brand this date on your haunches with a white hot iron or simply put it on your "Palm Pilot" (in, like, 2001), REMEMBER! For God's sake.

For further "content", check out these glowing reviews from days of yore...


"one of the top albums of the year (...) expertly blends retro-sounding pop with a modern sensibility, and it's extremely easy to imagine that if Their Majesties hailed from Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, they'd be everywhere." - I Heart Music

"All of the rock critic adjectives apply: "catchy, infectious, hooky". Most of all, this band was entertaining. Something that a lot of bands forsake. " -CBC radio 3 (Craig Norris)

"Kings of Pop" - The Chronicle Herald

"This album brims with a boisterous sense of fun, a bratty sense of humour, a clever and fresh point of view, and adept musicianship." - The Coast

And finally, in the unlikely event that you don't already own 3 copies: BUY "LANDS WHERE TALES ARE TALL" @


Daniel Girard Piano, vocals, guitar
Andrew Erskine Pianos, Vocals, Guitar
Brian Charles O'Reilly Guitar, Vocals
Dave Ewenson Drums, Percussion


the Kinks
the Police
Electric Light Orchestra
In The Thick Of It
Just Friends Records
October, 2009
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Lands Where Tales Are Tall
Just Friends Records
January, 2006
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