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artist The Wormwood Scrubs

Waterloo, ON, CANADA

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I first felt a fist, and then a kick, I could now smell their breath, they smelt of pubs and Wormwood Scrubs. 

This lyric, from the 1978 song "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" by The Jam, resonated powerfully with four Waterloo musicians, despite their eclectic tastes. A rocker, a mod, a punk, and a music purist, who had been jamming together in the back of a Waterloo woodshop in the summer of 2007, had found their collective name: The Wormwood Scrubs. What better way to exemplify the gritty, high-octane sound they were developing than to name the band after a notorious prison in a rough borough of London. 

That summer - the "summer of love," the guys jokingly call it - Steven Foy, Jay Dawe, Brandon Sanders, and Shaun Foy melded a psychedelic '60s sound with the aggression of grunge; later being compared to Jefferson Airplane covering Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun. Since they were teenagers, Steven and Jay have made their guitars wail and sing in electric harmony. Brandon's tight, rollicking basslines brought depth to their sound. Shaun Foy added the backbeat only when he was satisfied with the high level of respect the rest would give The Brian Jonestown Massacre. 

The band's self-titled full length debut, recorded at Brixton Recording Studios in the summer of 2010, captures the intensity for which their live shows are known. The Wormwood Scrubs have found permanence in a downtown jam hall with a view of the city they all call home and a place to store the vintage equipment that emits their unique sound. Having released their debut album and found the perfect space in which to write and rehearse The Wormwood Scrubs have completed their metamorphosis from four guys in the "summer of love" to an established force on the music scene. The Wormwood Scrubs are ready to wiggle their way into your Saturday night, iPod, and chest (if you are so lucky to own a T-shirt).

The Wormwood Scrubs
July, 2010
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