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artist The Weakerthans

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Epitaph Records
Alt Rock

biographical info

The Weakerthans write and perform songs with voices, guitars, and drums. Critically hailed and impossible to categorize, they have developed a strong and dedicated following that crosses the boundaries of genres and fashions. Labels like Punk or Alternative or Rock may seem appropriate, but they would hope Honest would do. "We write the only songs we know how to write: songs that reflect the place we come from, musically and geographically, the community we live in, and the struggle for any one person to connect with another in a meaningful way." TheWeakerthans appeal to a broad audience with musical influences including punk, folk, country, show-tunes, union hymns, rock, nursery school anthems, etc., and so on. Something to please or annoy everyone. Lyrically, Samson concentrates on issues of alienation, hope, and survival within a society riddled with injustice and a culture commodified in every possible way.


John K. Samson Guitar, lead vocals
Jason Tait Drums
Stephen Carroll Guitar
Greg Smith Bass


Catherine Hunter
John Coltrane
Richard Yates
Reunion Tour
Epitaph Records
September, 2007
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The Secret Sessions - Rheostatics Tribute
March, 2007
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Help: A Day In The Life
Sony/ BMG
September, 2006
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Reconstruction Site
Epitaph Records
August, 2003
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January, 2001
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Left & Leaving
G7 Welcoming Committee
July, 2000
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G7 Welcoming Committee
December, 1997
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 Limited Play

The Weakerthans

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