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artist The Stanfields

Halifax, NS, CANADA
Alt Rock, Punk

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Everyone has a story to tell about The Stanfields – if you don’t, give it time. Inciting mosh pits and still making Mom proud, The Stanfields attract fans of all classes and creeds with their rhythm-fueled hard rock laced with traditional roots sounds. There are no glamorous motives – just five working class Canadians with an honest desire to entertain. With the help of iconic producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith) The Stanfields better capture the intensity of their riotous live show on Death & Taxes (coming September 18) with harder, faster and full-on thunderous waves of rhythm and roaring harmonies behind menacing leads. “We’ve grown to be louder, faster versions of ourselves. Many thousands of road and air miles, and all the trappings therein, tend to have that kind of effect on a band like ours,” Jon explains. “Where Vanguard is all over the place stylistically, Death & Taxes is more focused on our rock and roll influences.” And that’s where The Stanfields’ culture meets their simple desire to entertain – the stuff stories are made of.


Jon Landry Vocals, Guitar
Craig Eugene Harris Bass, Mandolin, Backup vocals
Mark Murphy Drums
Jason Wright Bouzouki, Backup Vocals
Jason MacIsaac Guitar, Backup Vocals


The Pogues
Steve Earle
Bruce Springsteen
For King and Country
October, 2013
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Death & Taxes
September, 2012
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Vanguard of the Young & Reckless
June, 2010
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Ship to Shore 4:08

Ship to Shore

From The Stanfields' album Vanguard of the Young and Reckless. 

Run on the Banks 4:56

Run on the Banks

Live from the Jubilee Riverfront Music Festival in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in August 2013.  

Hard Miles 3:25

Hard Miles

"Hard Miles" video from the album "For King and Country".

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The Stanfields

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