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artist The Spam Avenger

Calgary, AB, CANADA
Catch & Release
Idm, Jungle

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The mass exposure given to The Spam Avenger: One Man's Attempt to Rid the World of Unsolicited E-Mail (Catch and Release) by Canadian and American college radio, U.S. National Public Radio, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has elevated it to the status of Canada's most popular underground comedy recording. Furthermore, the disc is a groundbreaking document for the reality comedy? genre that involves "real people" making fun of other "real people". Now The Spam Avenger channelled his anger in a different direction: the dance floor!! Thousands of teenagers convert their aggression into constructive media such as trance music, trip hop, digital hardcore, progressive horsemouth, and hygiene. If dance music can make a better world, The Spam Avenger will help make spam e-mail unfeasible by taking his message to the dance clubs! The result is The Spam Avenger: Dance Remix 2003.


The Spam Avenger Eel


Gene Krupa
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Salvadore Dali
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Do Know Evil
March, 2006
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The Spam Avenger Dance Remix 2003
Catch & Release
September, 2003
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One Man's Attempt to Rid the World of Unsolicited
Catch & Release
September, 2002
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PO Box 32094, 2619 - 14 St. SW, Calgary, AB , T2T 5X0
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