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artist The Shoeless Joes

Saskatoon, SK, SK, CANADA
Rock, Alt Rock

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Raw and honest with influences ranging from early Kings ofLeon to Canadian rock icon Sam Roberts.

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For anyone who would like some insight on what our song "The Runners" is about, here you go!

 After a show in our hometown of Maple Creek at The Rockin' Horse Cookhouse & Bar, the owner, Ralph Saemann, was telling us how he came about getting the physical bar for his establishment. Much to our surprise, Ralph explained that he actually found it in an old, abandoned bar that had once existed in the present-day ghost town of Govenlock, SK. Ralph went on to inform us of Govenlock's incredible past. The story goes that Govenlock was once a booming community that was largely reliant on the illegal export of alcohol into the United States during the prohibition days. The town was comprised of several large alcohol warehouses and was financially dependent on this illegal trading. Apparently, the bars and hotel would host Americans by the train load, coming up from below to drink their fill, gamble and play pool. After prohibition ended, the town's warehouses slowly closed down and since then, the town has faded into nothing more than a sign and a community hall. Legend has it that on nights when the prairie wind is howling, the spirits of this fallen town can be heard celebrating as they did in a past that once showed promise of a future.


The Shoeless Joes are Dillon Currie (vocals, guitar), Ethan Stork (bass), Aspen Beveridge (vocals, guitar), and Greig Beveridge (drums, vocals). They were brought up in the small town of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan or what has been known as, “the gateway to the Cypress Hills”. Bonding from an early age, Dillon and Greig spent much of their youth developing their mutual love for music. At this time, Aspen Beveridge (older brother to Greig) also encouraged their development as musicians and began to bounce ideas around in household jam sessions. As the years progressed, Aspen went on to university, played football, established himself in Saskatoon’s local music scene and toured with his older brother Ben’s Country-roots band. All the while, Dillon and Greig continued to enjoy playing music together through their high school years, and their good friend Ethan also took up the bass guitar. By the time they were 16, the three began playing and writing music whenever and wherever they got the chance. 

Initially following high school, the three friends went their separate ways. Greig spent time in Saskatoon and Vancouver. Ethan lived in Maple Creek and went to college in Alberta. Dillon also spent three years playing hockey in northern Alberta, but returned home each summer to continue working on song ideas with Ethan. At first, they began piecing together their own songs and performing at open stages wherever they could. This eventually led to the duos first paid show at a local bar in their hometown nicknamed the ‘Sper. After a massive amount of local support, the two agreed to do it again, but with a full band. Aspen, who had been recording their songs during this time, agreed to play lead guitar for the next show and Greig returned home to play drums. As a result, The Shoeless Joes unofficially formed in 2011.

 Over the course of that summer, their sound started to take shape. Although they grinded through freshly learned covers of Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and The Beatles, the band’s mannerisms and delivery on stage had started to reflect their rock heroes. Influences from Sam Roberts Band, Kings of Leon, Kasabian and Queens of the Stone Age, had helped bring an edge and volatility to the music while still allowing room for melodic harmonies. Although that summer was a big step, the band considers the spring of 2012, to be their official start. They moved in together and began to pursue music seriously as an emerging band. As a result they had caught the eyes and ears of some of the city’s top bands, and ended up playing shows with Gunner ‘n Smith, The Rebellion, Zachary Lucky, and many more. After finding their way on to stages across Saskatoon, the band began booking small tours which brought them to towns like Kyle, Hazlet, Prince Albert and Swift Current in the rural spans of the province.

The growing amount of shows seemed to give the band more confidence and with it, original works started to be written. The band’s first single, Straight Shot, was mastered at Gateway Mastering by Grammy-winning Adam Ayan and was officially released on May 31, 2013. In January of 2013, The Shoeless Joes began recording their debut EP called The Motions. The Motions is a collection of five high-energy, melody-driven rock songs with catchy hooks that make it very hard not to sing along. The EP was mastered by Rob Beaton of RKS Mastering in Los Angeles, California and is set to be released on August 23, 2013. In support of their release, The Shoeless Joes will be following up with a Western Canadian tour playing shows from Saskatoon to Vancouver.

                The band is currently working on their first full length album to be released in the fall of 2014.



Aspen Beveridge Vocals, Guitar
Ethan Stork Bass
The Motions EP
August, 2013
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