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artist The Priddle Concern

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Alt Rock, Rock

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biographical info

i used to be in a band we would record in small studios i spent long hours with a producer/engineer recording more and more guitar tracks we ate bad take-out food we stayed up late we cut some more guitar tracks i could do whatever i wanted the band got bigger we had too much money to make records with i spent long hours with a producer and an engineer and a computer guy and a guy who ran out to get mediocre take-out food he always gave me my change in an envelope with my name on it the producer stopped me from cutting too many guitar tracks he told me to repeat lyric phrases over and over again he assured me the vocal track wasn't too slick some of my songs didn't fit the album i could do a lot of things but i couldn't do everything i wanted i left the band and moved to the country i played golf i painted walls and ceilings i made pizzas i started thinking about all the songs that never got recorded i stood in a barn and wrote new songs brendan canning and justin peroff from broken social scene played bass and drums amy millan and evan cranley from stars sang and played trombone howie beck played some drums and bass and guitar and recorded some songs andy magoffin john critchley and dave neufeld recorded the other songs i've moved back to toronto and the record is done and coming out this spring (tuesday may 6th, 2008) i've got a new band with mitch bowden (guitar) and dave dunham (drums) from don vail and scott remila (bass) who used to be in raising the fawn we'll be doing some shows in an around toronto in the next little while.


Bill Priddle vocals, guitar
Scott Remila bass
Mitch Bowden guitar
Dave Dunham drums


broken social scene
treble charger
raising the fawn
howie beck
neil young
the priddle concern
June, 2008
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the priddle concern epk 9:31

the priddle concern epk

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