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artist The Parkas

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Saved By Vinyl

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After eight years of making rock and roll music, the Parkas are calling it a day. Rather than cry in their beer, the band has decided to celebrate their time together by releasing their third and final full length album. One might expect a posthumous release to be a dreary, existential affair. Instead, producer Dale Morningstar (Gordon Downie, Great Lake Swimmers), has captured the Parkas at their raw and spontaneous best. Combining the Clash-meets-Stones soul spirit of their last album with nods to the Replacements, old U2, and Dinosaur Jr., You Should Have Killed Us When You Had The Chance is the Parkas' loudest, boldest, and best work to date. It is the sound of old friends, at the height of their musical powers, having the time of their lives. Included on the album are stellar performances by Fiona Stewart (Rock Plaza Central), Andrew Collins (Skeletones Four), Jesse Whiteside (Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy), and Selina Martin. You Should have Killed Us When You Had The Chance will be available on Saved By Radio in October of 2009. As one of Canada's most energetic live bands, the Parkas have toured and performed all over the country. In 2004, they were awarded a Steve’s Music shopping spree at NXNE, and in 2005 they were named a “sleeper hit” of SXSW by the Austin Chronicle. Their music has been released in the US, the UK, and Australia including the title track on Loose Records' Start Your Own Country: New Sounds of the Old West Vol. 4, and a split seven inch single with Serena Maneesh on Low Transit Industries. In addition to their new album, they have released two full length records, two EPs, and a tour documentary.


Greg Rhyno drums & shouting
Mark Rhyno bass & keyboards
Michael Brown sorry girls, he's married
Paul Thompson star of guitar


The Clash
The Rolling Stones
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Elvis Costello
The Byrds
The Smiths
You Should Have Killed Us When You Had The Chance
Saved By Radio
October, 2009
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Put Your Head in the Lion's Mouth
June, 2007
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Now This Is Fighting
Endearing Records
September, 2003
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where to buy
1413-1st St. NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 2S7
3 Norwich St. W, Guelph, ON, N1H 2G8
Toronto, ON
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