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artist The Hotel Lobbyists

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

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Some wonder if The Hotel Lobbyists are promoting their tour with enthusiasm, or just enthusiastically promoting tourism. The profuse fusion and confusion of Art, Culture, Rebellion and Agenda has led many to describe today's rock and roll scene as ironic, though many describe it as quite the opposite. As meaning and truth is lost in a swirl of time and key signatures loosely scattered along dotted lines, there comes a time when a rag tag militia of bandits would inevitably step forward through the aftermath to fight for liberty, equality, and affordable short term overnight accommodation. The apparent uncertainty of the words we use in this post-everything era has led many to redefine their thoughts, ideals and beliefs in sound form. The five seemingly normal individuals who comprise the Hotel Lobbyists play a rock and roll that is fresh, energetic and loud and has a tendency to excite crowds into a raucous frenzy. Art may be dead or it may just be sleeping, but either way someone still has to serenade the wake.

Recent Press:

"It is disingenuous at the very least for The Hotel Lobbyists to claim that it is their industries that are picking up a hefty portion of the convention center tab. No, it's their customers." - P.L. Wolff, The InTowner Newspaper, February 1998

"I guess The Hotel Lobbyists cracked down on Ashcroft, so now the religious fright has to once again hoist their agenda upon the congress." - Anonymous Online Fan

"The spectacle epitomizes the prevailing model of social life!" - French Intellectual Guy Debord

"Some cities and states have laws against doing this, obviously brought about by Hotel Lobbyists to ensure that the hotels do not lose control of the serving of alcohol." - United States Submarine Veterans Convention Bidding Handbook

"So I'm standing in the hotel, in this atrium thing and I've got an army helmet on and a T-shirt" - Eddie Vedder, as quoted in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE


Jim Legacy Main Voicebox, Tamborine Shaker
Jordie Dammet Bass Instincts, Space Knight
Mike Gurr Drums, Drums, Drums and Drums!
Jordan Isaacs GUITAR god


The History of Western Popular Music
Live in Montreal
September, 2008
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Jurassic Beaver
February, 2007
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