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artist The Deadly Snakes

Toronto, ON, CANADA
In The Red

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NEW RECORD: PORCELLA "Porcella" is produced by the band's own Age of Danger, and features The Deadly Snakes' first use of a string section (orchestrated by the band), plus plenty of the instrument trading that's become a group tradition. What started off being labeled a garage band has matured into a real "songwriters collective." This time, everyone has a hand in the song writing, with a sober-minded Age of Danger now splitting singing duties with the always soulful Andre Ethier. It is a bigger record, even orchestral at times. Larger in scale than "Ode to Joy," but "Porcella" doesn't sound overproduced. It's full of great pop songs that are simultaneously strange and dark. Songs like 'Gore Veil' show a new direction for the band, without sounding affected or insincere. It still sounds like The Deadly Snakes, and never forced. The Deadly Snakes have a way of tricking the listener with pretty sing-along melodies, but behind the happy tunes are some very dark lyrics. There is a dark and recognizable theme on this album, about a temporary existence… about grabbing onto those precious moments and biting into and feasting on them. But even though there’s a good share of melancholy songs on the new album, there are still some blistering studio performances (The Banquet, Sissy Blues, Oh Lord, My Heart!) that will no doubt feed the band's reputation for invigorating live shows.


Age of Danger band member


1960's Southern Gospel
Jacques Brel
The Rolling Stones
The Zombies
September, 2005
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Ode To Joy
March, 2003
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I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore
April, 2001
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Love Undone
January, 1999
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