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artist The Burning Hell

St. John's, NL, CANADA
Headless Owl Records
Alt Pop, Folk

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The Burning Hell is a mutating beast with many heads, but sometimes only one appears.  With tongues in cheeks and sweaty fingers on sweaty strings, The Burning Hell likes to have a good time and tell you about your problems, though solutions may be few.  Most of all, The Burning Hell is in love with many Canadian musicians, and we deal with this love by incorporating them into the band.  Sooner or later, you too will join us and live forever.



Mathias Kom vocals, ukulele
Ariel Sharratt clarinet
Alison Corbett violin
Natasha Hartery baritone sax
Darren 'Boobie' Browne guitar
John Duff trombone
Jake Nicoll percussion
Nick Ferrio bass
Jill Staveley guitar, vocals
Mike Duguay keys
Steve McNabb trumpet
Adam DeMarsh drums
Darcy McCord cello


The Torah
The Talmud
Phil Collins
Headless Owl Records
April, 2013
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Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Headless Owl Records
February, 2013
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Have Not Been the Same Compilation
November, 2011
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Flux Capacitor
May, 2011
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This Charmed Life
March, 2010
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March, 2009
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Happy Birthday
January, 2008
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Tick Tock
August, 2006
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I Love The Things That People Make 3:04

I Love The Things That People Make

Recorded by Southern Souls at Dis-A-Ray in Guelph.

My Name Is Mathias 3:13

My Name Is Mathias

Live in the Old Quebec St Mall!

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The Burning Hell

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