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artist The Awkward Stage

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Mint Records

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Principal songwriter Shane Nelken has long been a staple in the Vancouver music scene. A talented multi instrumentalist whose love of all kinds of music and ability to seemlessly play and write in almost any genre have made him a much sought after"hired gun" by many of vancouvers' elite performers. In pop circles he has played,toured and recorded with A.C.Newman, the New Pornographers, Sparrow, The Vancouver Nights and The Come Ons to name but a few. He has played major festivals all over the world including an appearance with A.C.Newman on The Late Show with David Letterman and CNBC's short lived John Mcenroe show. He is well known in the roots circles as well, first as guitarist for the Ronnie Hayward Trio, and then with his own purist country band The Buzzards as well as a lengthy stint as musical director for a monthly burlesque show along with his band The Blue Lodge Quartet. He has contributed music for films such as the award winning canadian documentary "The Corporation" as well as Andrew Curries' "Mile Zero" "The Awkward Stage" is Nelkens' latest and most personally representational project to date. The Awkward Stage has been nominated for WCMA awards for best pop album for both 2006's 'Heaven is for Easy Girls' and 2008's 'Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights'


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belle and sebastian
elvis presley
the smiths
the velvet underground
slimming mirrors, flattering lights
June, 2008
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Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights
Mint Records
June, 2008
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Heaven is for Easy Girls
Mint Records
September, 2006
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Sad Girl Radio 4:05

Sad Girl Radio

CD: Heaven is for Easy Girls (Mint) 2006

Billy Bob Revisited 0:48
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The Awkward Stage

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