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artist The Albertans

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Kingfisher Bluez
Rock, Rock

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The Albertans originally found each other in Vancouver.  They were defects from Alberta, Saskatchewan, the U.S.  They met as a collective, and piled into a propane-fueled, converted short bus to tour down to San Diego and back.  They toured this way for the next 2 years.  Unglamorously, crossing the continent to record in New York, playing shows with bands they didn't know, for people that didn't know them.  They traveled 50,000 miles, hopped borders, broke down, slept on the road.  They collected fans through their wanderings, played festivals, left the homes they never had, and toured until their tired bus died on the wake of a road outside Duluth, Minnesota.
After the road, The Albertans settled back in Vancouver.  In concentrated bursts, the four members would appear, playing festivals (SXSW, OLIO, SLED ISLAND) and releasing records (SAM MARCO, NEW AGE) on Ernest Jenning Records.  But the bulk of this time was spent uncovering a sound.  Moving away from shimmery indie pop, The Albertans became entrenched in the darker areas of the subconscious.  The drum and bass thickened and bruised while early 80s analog synth and pedal saturated each song.  The Albertans pushed through references like early Pink Floyd, CAN, and Julee Cruise, arriving on their own distinct form of ambient pop.  This is the sound of 'Dangerous Anything'.

'Dangerous Anything' is The Albertans 3rd full-length album. Recorded with Josh Stevenson (Nu Sensae), 'Dangerous Anything' is a culminating event for The Albertans: sonicly, the band has found its voices both disembodied and haunting, while musically they have begun to mine a krautrock territory hinted at on last years “The Hunter” EP.  As always, the band deals in pop songforms, but 'Dangerous Anything' veers both heavier and softer with songs that seep out slowly before forming the off kilter hooks the band has made their name from.


Joel Bravo Guitar/Vocals
Ian Everall Bass/vocals/percush
Curtis Mclean Drums
Alison Yip Tambo/Percussion/Keys/Vocals
Dangerous Anything
Kingfisher Bluez
September, 2013
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The Hunter
Ernest Jenning
April, 2012
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New Age
Ernest Jenning
April, 2011
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Legends of Sam Marco
Ernest Jenning
June, 2009
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Sex With An Angel
Ernest Jenning
June, 2008
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The Wake (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 3:24


Debut single off upcoming album NEW AGE (3/8/11)

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