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artist Tomi Swick

Hamilton, ON, CANADA
Mushroom Productions

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Veteran of the Hamilton music scene, gifted singer/songwriter Tomi Swick (formerly of Red Echo and Addicus Radley) is set to conquer the music world with his new four piece outfit. With a stunningly powerful voice, routinely drawing comparisons to Coldplay's Chirs Martin and Todd Clark of Pliate, Swick's acoustic infused rock has been turning heads throughout Southern Ontario. Consumate musician and genuine music fan, Tomi Swick is poised to take his talents to the next level, and with the help of bandmates, friends and fans, make the well deserved jump to rock stardom!

Now signed to major label deal with Warner Music Canada, and has released his first full length album, Stalled Out In The Doorway.  Currently opening tours for the Goo Goo Dolls, and Barenaked Ladies.  Good luck Tomi!


Pink Floyd
Queens of the Stoneage
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6023 King Road, Nobleton, ON , L0G 1N0
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Tomi Swick

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