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artist The Vermicious Knid

Brantford, ON, CANADA
Ford Plant
Alt Rock, Alt Pop

biographical info

The Vermicious Knid was an indie rock band from Brantford, Ontario. Formed in October 2000, the band became a centrepiece of Brantford's music scene. They released an EP independently in 2001 and released a second EP, Days That Stand Still, on AntiAntenna Recordings in 2002. However, after releasing their first and only full-length album, Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion, in 2005 they officially disbanded, and played their final show at The Ford Plant in Brantford on February 10, 2006.


RYAN STANLEY guitar/vocals
TIM FORD vocals/guitar
BRIAN WARD bass/vocals
Days That Stand Still
AntiAntenna Recordings
May, 2002
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We're Running Out of Places to Drive
August, 2001
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The Vermicious Knid

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