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artist The Mercurymen

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Alt Rock

biographical info

The Mercurymen were molded from primordial elements in mid-1995. They aim to call forth the sonic annihilation of all things that defy beauty and innocence. Honing their fearsome nickel wound assault, they succeed when they play notes they know nothing about, reaching into dark places for the music's forgotten legends, myths and songs. To date they have released three CDs, "Multimediaocrity", a departure point; "Antimaterialheadsetdrill", an epic collage of experimental rock; and "How To Teen", the most focused effort of their oeuvre. Both "Anti..." and "...Teen" faired well with radio worldwide. The band continue to bludgeon audiences with their palpable rock action. Currently finishing their fourth CD for release this year, they are continuing work with producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Material, Helmet) at his B.C. Studios in Brooklyn, NY for future release. They plan to spend the year playing in any town that will let them eat with their hands. Know them by their work.


Rob Taylor Bass/Vocals
Marty Knox Drums / Vocals / Pants
Neil Exall Guitar / Vocals / Moog


Sonic Youth
The Fall
The Minutemen
How To Teen
January, 1999
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Anti Material Headset Drill
April, 1997
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March, 1996
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The Mercurymen

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