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artist Stars

Montreal, QC, CANADA
Soft Revolution Records
Alt Pop

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Moments have their moments.

In the big deep winter of Montreal, 2006, STARS were drunk.

Two years had been spent carousing the globe, with ‘Set Yourself On Fire’ in their hands. Home again, they drove the van to a neighbourhood studio to play through some songs they were already planning to record again - in the future, all the way across the tundra, months later - in sun-addled British Columbia.

But the snow was still down in Montreal.

As can happen, these first recording sessions for what was to become ‘In Our Bedroom After The War’ lay claim to a particular beauty that would shift and differ thousands of miles away, months in the future, in Vancouver. 

The studio was Breakglass, run by a dear friend named Jace Lasek, of the band The Besnard Lakes. At that time still a shitbox construction site on the north side of Montreal, Breakglass afforded STARS a refuge from the road, and a steady windowsill to pile up wine bottles. The songs came in bursts, were tracked quickly, given working titles like ‘Flack’ and ‘Fuck U I Love You’ and stored one by one in the hallway with the other boxes of tapes.  Minds were lost, found again; arguments claimed teeth and nails - love got spit and wrangled back. The band once more became a band and pulled verses from the fumes, bridges from beneath their feet.

From the final, west coast version of the album, only one song,  ‘Midnight Coward’,  was not demoed in Breakglass. The others spilled forward. Torq sings both his and Amy’s parts in ‘Personal.’ Evan plays guitar solo after guitar solo. Amy finds new lyrics in every next take. Chris holds the throughline, Patty plays the drums of his life. 

With chutzpah, the band moved camp to Vancouver and did the whole thing over again, once more into the breach. New sounds and parts were found, the record was made and released, but something remained on those shelves in Montreal on rue Clark.

In the spring of 2011, much had changed for the band. Parents had been lost and made, homes left behind and built anew.  On a break from touring their new record, ‘The Five Ghosts’, the band reached back and remembered an affinity with the Breakglass sessions – ‘Barricade’ recorded with one microphone, an epic solo on ‘My Favourite Book’.  Jace found the tapes, wine lined the windowsill for a weekend, and the demos finally found their way out of the studio.

Here they are, please enjoy.


Amy Millan
Chris Seligman
Evan Cranley
Patrick McGee
Torquil Campbell
Chris McCarron guitar
No One Is Lost
ATO Records
October, 2014
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Bitches In Tokyo 5:54
The Night Starts Here 4:01

The Night Starts Here

CD: In Our Bedroom After the War (2007) Arts & Crafts

Take Me to the Riot 4:50

Take Me to the Riot

CD: "In Our Bedroom After the War" (Arts & Crafts) 2007 | Directed by: Benjamin Weinstein

Elevator Love Letter 3:36

Elevator Love Letter

CD: "Heart" (Paper Bag) 2003 | Directed By: Wendy Morgan

Sleep Tonight 2:57

Sleep Tonight

CD: "Set Yourself on Fire" (Maple Music) 2004

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