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artist Spookey Ruben

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Hi-Hat Recordings
Pop, Rock

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Inside the basket lay an egg the size of a miniature trumpet. Once, twice, three times a barnyard animal, Spookey Ruben (p.k.a. Spinski A. Raboinovic) unfolds an unwashed curtain. Bright, Bad and Beautiful. It’s not what he paints, it’s how he paints. The space he invades he gets by inhaling Psyberian golddust, the most requested magic potion of the 21st century. One album here, 4 albums in Japan and three cassettes in the basement later, an incomplete gesture, a half shaven beard and a silly little elf asking: “How’d ya like your pancakes?”

Violins, paper maché, rubberband guitar strings, Toto, my bloody valentine, trompe le monde, piano forte and a pair of 3D contact lenses. Mash it, bash it, go bonkers! It’s easy to put a telephone wire across your forehead to improvise a popped vein, go to the supermarket in your underwear, put on glitter makeup while peeing on a telly. ‘Welcome To The House of Food’, ‘Public Puberty’, ‘Party Dress Alterations’, ‘Superpoke’ …put another shrimp on the baarbey! Whatever you do, don’t let yet another moustache DJ ruin this magnificent sunrise.

Primarily buttered in lemon fried buffalo pants and 'Bend it like Beckham' attitude, we arrive at Spookey’s new solid gold un-release: Defenders of The Bismuth Odeon, a Double-Live vhs-tape. Followed by Italo KitKat press junket as well as a new Live tour. Premiering this year, complete with A-list "I'm on the guest list" feud and foul smelling backstage area, exclusively in New Zealand, Portugal and Rocktario. 

(excerpt from Hustler/CNN article: ‘Pan-American Idol’)


Spookey vox/guitar
Tony drums
Ben bass guitar
Martha keyboards


bad brains
king crimson
level 42
shudder to think
haircut one hundred
cocteau twins
hall & oates
July, 2010
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Toronto, ON
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Spookey Ruben

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