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artist Slow Leaves

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

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Slow Leaves is the recording name of Winnipeg's Grant Davidson. He has garnered a reputation as much for his honest lyrics and stirring voice as his intimate stage performances and confessional story- telling. His country-tinged folk music is deeply rooted in the genuine and honest, rich in melody and sung from the heart of downtown.

For his most recent project, Beauty Is So Common, Davidson wrote a letter to Imaginary Cities' Rusty Matyas to inquire about producing with him. When they met as near strangers in a downtown Winnipeg jam space, the potential of their collaboration was instantly obvious. With Davidson’s songwriting, rooted deep in folk and Americana and Matyas’ keen sense of pop harmony and arrangement, they stumbled on that subtle and elusive quality that anchors all great recordings: the capture of a special moment in time.


Mickey Newbury
Gene Clark
Jolie Holland
Beauty is so Common
September, 2014
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Second Chances
October, 2013
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Life Of A Better Man 3:11
 Limited Play

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