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artist Slow Leaves

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

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Slow Leaves is Winnipeg's Grant Davidson. His songs, genuine and honest, spare nothing in creating vivid images and heartfelt connections. His voice, warm and effortless, has been compared to the likes of Doug Paisley, Gene Clark and Brian Ferry. His latest release, 2014's Beauty is so Common, like a California country-folk record newly discovered in your parent's attic, rides the line between new and old. With producer Rusty Matyas’ (Imaginary Cities) keen sense of pop harmony and arrangement supplying a modern vitality, the result is an album deceptive in its simplicity, rich in melody, and immediately classic. 


Mickey Newbury
Gene Clark
Jolie Holland
Beauty is so Common
September, 2014
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Second Chances
October, 2013
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Life Of A Better Man 3:11
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