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artist Simply Saucer

Hamilton, ON, CANADA
Sonic Unyon Records

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Emerging in 1974 from the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario, SIMPLY SAUCER created a distinct and original sound that was decidedly out of step with the musical climate of the day. The quartet played edgy rock & roll that was a combination of early ‘70s pre-punk (Velvet Underground, Stooges, Modern Lovers), krautrock (Can, Neu, early Kraftwerk) and UK psyche (Hawkwind, Pink Fairies, Syd Barrett - with and without Pink Floyd). Although the only material released while the band existed was a two-song single, a 1974 recording session and a 1975 live set were collected together posthumously and released under the moniker Cyborgs Revisited in late 1989. Originally available only as a limited run LP, the album has been hailed by both Forced Exposure and Alternative Press as "the best Canadian LP ever." Now long out of print, this newly remastered, expanded reissue is the first legitimate re-release of this material in more than a decade.

In a surprising, and completely unexpected move, the core members of Simply Saucer reunited for a six-song cameo set on Sept. 17th , 2006 at The Corktown Tavern in Hamilton. The overwhelmingly response led to a full-blown reunion, with a new recording, "Half Human, Half Live" due out March 25, 2008, and a series of live concert dates.

The new line-up consists of original members, Edgar Breau, (guitar,vocals), and Kevin Christoff (bass) ex-head/phone/over/tone member Dan Winterman, ("ping" guitar, theremin, tambourine), and ex-Forgotten Rebel, Joe Csontos, (drums) and producer Steve Foster on "Spark" guitar


Simply Saucer Band
Edgar Breau Singer, Guitarist,Songwriter
Kevin Christoff Bass, bcking vcls
Dan Winterman "Ping" Guitar, Theremin
Joe Csontos Drums, backing vcls
Stephen Foster Guitarist, producer


Sun Ra
Syd Barrett
Velvet Underground
The City Of Hamilton
Cyborgs Revisited
Sonic Unyon Records
May, 2003
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Simply Saucer

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