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artist Sarah Harmer

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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So began a song that became the title track of my new record. Most of these songs have been milling about in my mind for a while now, some I started writing back when I put down the electric guitar and ding-digga-dinged my way through summer on the back porch. All of them live in the same wide frame and seem to belong together. I am Aglow, the Ring, I'm a Mountain, these are tunes inspired by country music and bluegrass bands, singing for the joy of it, and telling new versions of old stories in song. The Phoenix builds on the themes of courage and regeneration and the inspirational How Deep in the Valley came from somewhere deep in the hymnbook of my memory. Down low in the picture frame (under a log) is Salamandre, a children's song written by my friends Kate Fenner and Chris Brown. I am thrilled that this modern classic can be part of this collection as it expresses my own love for the magical and precious amphibian and the time-honoured relationship between nature and imagination.


Sarah Harmer Singer/ Songwriter
National Parks Project
Last Gang Records
May, 2011
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Oh Little Fire
April, 2010
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I'm A Mountain
February, 2006
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All of Our Names
March, 2004
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Men With Brooms OST
March, 2002
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You Were Here
August, 2000
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Songs For Clem
January, 1999
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