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artist Samia Sun

vancouver, BC, CANADA
USEr MEDia Group

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The reason why Samia Sun writes, sings, records and performs is simple. There is no other passion other than being an artist, allowing for a vibe of jazz, pop, world sounds and elecronica to blend seamlessly with a personality that shines openly with a moving vulnerability and honesty. This is showcased with vocals and lyrics influenced by her life, sometimes soft, as in “Little Comedy”, lamenting the loss of love, or “Where the wind blows” and "Quickly Going Gone" where she becomes strong again.
Her collaboration with the recording artist USER has resulted in her debut album “Our Fire”. USER is a multi instrumentalist who also programs electronic music having toured in North and South America, and Canada. Amrit Basi, recently back from a stint at Glastonbury with Blackberry Wood which was followed by a European tour is the drummer on “Our Fire”.
Samia Sun has performed with USER at the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, and last year in Mexico , taking time to shoot the video for "Where the Wind Blows" in Oaxaca. Since her debut at the PNE, her performances include Stanley Park, Riverside Banquet Hall, the Ambleside Park for the 2008 Walk for Kids Benefit World Partnership, the 2010 Salmon Benefit by the Wilderness Committee, Universal Gospel Choir as well as the 2008 TD Canada Trust Vancouver Jazz Festival with Kentish Steele and the Chantelles.
Samia and USER have been interviewed on Channel M and on 102.7 Co-op radio. DJ Imtiaz calls her “a great artist” while DJ Aneel says she has an “Amazing voice, a talented girl”. Brennan Barrett, a renowned vocal coach in BC who has this to say about Samia Sun. “Vivacious, a breath of life as an entertainer’
Samia Sun’s connection to her craft is sincere and this makes her an artist for today and always. Keep a ear out for new tracks and performances coming soon!



world music
Our Fire
USEr MEDia Group
June, 2011
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Samia Sun 4:24

Samia Sun

Samia Sun where the Wind Blows.

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