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artist Salinas

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Alt Rock, Pop

biographical info

Based out of the heart of the continent, Salinas writes songs that reflect the isolation and potential embedded in Manitoba's fabric. Crisscrossing political commentary with desperate romanticism, their songs and live show can best be described as a calculated wrestling match.

Their latest release, All These Choices (2012), expands upon the pop rock ingrained in their self-titled debut album (2009). Embracing the tight musical community in Winnipeg, the band joined forces with music producers Mike Petkau-Falk (Les Jupes) and Matt Peters (Royal Canoe) for these projects.  In the process, the uncertainty that the band was founded upon has developed into a form of heart on the sleeve rock n' roll they are now touring across Canada and the northern United States.

On January 2nd, 2013, they released their new single, Elation. Ferocious and powerfully dynamic, the song showcases the band's evolving pop sensibilities and raw energy.

Overall, the group's sound emulates their collective personality. They all like learning and singing about it. For them, lectures and albums are exciting. Call them nerdy if you think so, but they're going to play their hearts out for you when you see them.  They're humble like that.


Salinas Administrator
Matt Austman Guitar, Vocals
Darcy Penner Bass, Vocals


John Steinbeck
Velvet Underground
Ernest Hemingway
The Menzingers
January, 2013
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All These Choices
January, 2012
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July, 2010
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97 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 1Y4
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