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Montreal, QC, CANADA
Dare to Care Records

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Socalled is a pianist, producer, composer, arranger, rapper, singer, journalist, photographer, filmmaker, magician, cartoonist and puppet maker based in Montreal, Quebec. The subject of “The Socalled Movie”, a feature documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada, he has been making records and touring the world for over a decade.

He has lectured and led master classes in music festivals around the world, from Moscow to Paris, London to LA, Krakow to San Francisco, and has performed on every continent in the world. As a producer, Socalled has created, amongst others, “Bubbemeises”for David Krakauer’s Klezmer Madness, “Tweet Tweet”, for klezmerfunk supergroup “Abraham Inc” featuring Fred Wesley, and Enrico Macias’ latest album “La Voyage d’une Melodie”. His list of collaborators knows no generational, social, cultural or religious boundaries: he has played with, featured, recorded and arranged for Chilly Gonzales, Fred Wesley, Boban Markovic, the Mighty Sparrow, Roxanne Shante, Irving Fields, Killah Priest, Matisyahu, Theodore Bikel, Katie Moore, Enrico Macias and Derrick Carter…

After several solo albums including, The Socalled Seder and 2007′s “Ghettoblaster”, which featured the breakout hits, “The Good Old Days” and “You Are Never Alone”, it is time for “Sleepover”. “Sleepover” featuring over 30 incredible guests, is the further articulation of a mission to cross boundaries, to mix old and new sounds, acoustic and electric instruments, digital and analog recording techniques, while exploring different cultures and styles, all in the service of creating something catchy, smart, hilarious, emotional and timeless. 


James Brown, Dr Dre, Aaron Lebedeff, Fred Wesley
The Season: A New Musical!
Dare to Care Records
May, 2013
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Dare to Care Records
May, 2011
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June, 2007
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ATOM HEART 364-B rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, QC
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