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artist Sectorseven

Hamilton, ON, CANADA
Bright Side Records
Punk, Hard Rock

biographical info

With origins dating back to 1992, Hamilton's Sectorseven are still pretty much the same band they were from the start. As a group of high school friends turned band, they started purely for the fun of it, as it was an effective way to ward off boredom and entertain friends in their rural hometown of Grimsby, Ontario.

Eighteen years later, their mandate remains the same. Seemingly oblivious to the expectations and pressures of the music industry, they write, record and tour at their convenience, But despite their part time efforts, they've enjoyed success that eludes even those that take out second mortgages to facilitate the pursuit of the musical dream.

With four studio records and as many music videos under their belt, including a nomination at the 2000 Much Music Video Awards, the band has far exceeded their own expectations as far as tangibles are concerned. With no agenda, the band is neither concerned with success or failure and takes whatever comes to them.

What goes unsatisfied however is the band's hankering to play live for any and all. Whether playing a date at the Vans Warped Tour or some kid's garage in Brandon, Manitoba, Sectorseven is fulfilled. If they care about anything, it's playing live.

An energetic and aggressive blend of metal and punk rock, the band might rouse comparisons to Propagandhi, Come Back Kid or Trigger Happy. With heavy guitars, convincing drums and raw vocals, the band relies on the blue collared work ethic bred into them to shape their sound. Rather than fight songs, anthems or politics and religion, it's more likely to come across songs about living pay to pay, general observations of people, or inward reflection..

Sectorseven's most recent record "The Hunt Club" features some of the band's finest chops from core members Jon Gauthier (guitar/vocals), Lee Williamson (lead guitar) and Mike Burke (drums). Here they provide another installment of their heavy, high octane rock and roll sound, while demonstrating progression that explores more complex song structures, varied tempos and a greater depth of musical expression.

Given that they are friends before band, it's unlikely that any end will come to the Sector by way of "artistic differences". It's more likely that the band will continue, much as they have in the past, with no real end, ever. It's difficult to predict exactly what will come of this band, but it's almost certain that there will always be another show.


Mike Burke Drums
Lee Williamson Lead Guitar
Jon Gauthier Guitar/Vocals
Brad Parent Bass


The Hunt Club
Bright Side Records
September, 2010
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Sector Seven
Sonic Unyon Records
August, 2002
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Along the Way
April, 2000
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