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artist Ron Davis

Toronto, ON, CANADA
E1 Music

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He has firmly established himself as an innovative force within the world of jazz. – National Post 

One of Canada's A-List pianists! - CFRB Radio

Reminiscent of Oscar Peterson or that of Jamie Cullum… A brilliant virtuoso. – CBC 

…astonishing technique, authentic heir of the greatest pianists of Toronto - "classic" Glenn Gould and jazz musician Oscar Peterson... breathtaking! – Trud (Russia)

Moving effortlessly between musical genres, projects, and influences, highly acclaimed pianist-composer Ron Davis has established himself as one of the most original, enjoyable voices in jazz today.

Ron is active on the worldwide jazz scene and has built a dynamic career including several successful international tours. He cites piano giants Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum and Thelonious Monk as inspirations, but his clean, energetic, joyous playing style is uniquely his own.

Ron is the unusual combination of a virtuoso pianist and an entertainer. He reads audiences and connects, creating a multi-textured musical mix that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. 

On any given night, Ron's set list might include Coldplay, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or classic jazz. The result is a magnificent mix of instrumental and experimental, and as importantly, an unforgettable evening out.

Ron has released nine full-length recordings to international critical praise. In early 2013, he released his eighth title, Blue Modules, an experimental project exploring pop and post-modern jazz. In autumn 2013, he released Symphronica, an innovative jazz-symphony mashup album, made with famed conductor John Morris Russell. 

After early studies at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ron studied with Darwyn Aitken—himself a student of jazz legend Peterson, and classical great (and George Gershwin's brother-in-law) David Saperton. Ron is a recipient of  the Japan Foundation's prestigious Uchida Fellowship for the Performing Arts, and was Visiting Scholar at Tokyo's Hosei University. 

When he isn’t wowing audiences around the world, Ron sits on the boards of numerous charities (he is Past Secretary of The Glenn Gould Foundation,) publishes articles on music, law and linguistics, and practices yoga. He is married to Daniela Nardi, the award-winning, Italian-Canadian, singer-songwriter of jazz-pop, with whom Ron co-produced her acclaimed Espresso Manifesto recording. The couple call Toronto home.

Real World Artist Management 
Faye Perkins 
+1 905-894-4667 

Blue Modules
Minerva Road/ Davinor
January, 2013
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My Mother's Father's Song
Minerva Road/ Davinor
May, 2010
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The Bestseller
Minerva Road/ Davinor
May, 2008
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Subarashii Live
Minerva Road/ Davinor
February, 2007
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Shimmering Rhythm
Minerva Road/ Davinor
February, 2005
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Mungle Music
Minerva Road/ Davinor
October, 2004
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So Much
January, 2003
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Solo Duo Trio
Minerva Road/ Davinor
March, 2001
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upcoming shows

Feb 04 Toronto Lula Lounge
Apr 21 Toronto Lula Lounge


Poker Face - Ron Davis and Pocket Symphronica 7:26

Poker Face - Ron Davis and Pocket Symphronica

Jazz pianist Ron Davis ( and his unique Symphronica project perform their radical reworking of Lady Gaga's Poker Face live at Toronto's Lula Lounge, including a full out 4-voice fugue on themes from Poker Face and Lady Gaga's name (G-A-G-A)?

Thomachonga from SYMPHRONICA 6:31

Thomachonga from SYMPHRONICA

Pianist, composer, arranger Ron Davis, Windsor Symph. Orch., John Morris Russell cond. Visit ?


Le Reel de Pointe-au-Pic - from SYMPHRONICA 5:27

Le Reel de Pointe-au-Pic - from SYMPHRONICA

Pianist, composer, arranger Ron Davis performs the traditional Québec tune "Le Reel de Pointe-au-Pic" (Windsor Symphony Orch,, John Morris Russell cond.) SHARE THIS VIDEO!?


The Climb - from SYMPHRONICA 5:35

The Climb - from SYMPHRONICA

Pianist, composer, arranger Ron Davis, Windsor Symphony Orch., John Morris Russell cond. Visit 


WHIRLYCURL - Ron Davis Live! 6:44

WHIRLYCURL - Ron Davis Live!

Pianist/ composer/ arranger Ron Davis and his quintet play a sizzling version of his 'Whirlycurl'. From the session that can be heard on his new No. 1 charting cd Subarashii Live! (



Flashback to the 1970s, London England... a home movie camera makes its way through the crowded streets. At one corner, a busker covered in silver coins, down the street, a man holds a sign reading "The End is at Hand" .

Thomachonga- Ron Davis Live! 4:28

Thomachonga- Ron Davis Live!

A high energy performance of "Thomachonga" by pianist/ composer/ arranger Ron Davis and his quintet. From the session that can be heard on his new live cd "Subarashii Live". Details:

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