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artist Rob Szabo

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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Rob Szabo`s crowdfunded self-titled fifth studio album was recorded over 5 winter weeks in vacant homes and cabins of friends and family.  "Ìt was a guerilla-style recording approach", says Rob of the sessions, "I put together a bunch of mics, recording gear and my laptop and lived in each space alone for a few weeks at a time.  I love recording in spaces where people live, as opposed to recording studios.  It allows me to forget I’m recording and just play."  

It’s his first release since he threw himself into the role of producer for other artists amid his busy touring schedule, producing albums for international DIY rising star Peter Katz and Halifax up-and-comer Ian Sherwood among others.  Scott Cooper engineered parts of the album while the two were hunkered down in a cabin in near Penetanguishene, ON.  The album was mixed & mastered by Tim Abraham (Valery Gore, Layah Jane).

The album is a darker and more intimate album than his recent releases harkening back to his debut "A Battery Of Tests".  The album prominently features Rob`s voice and acoustic guitar with very little drums or bass.  Instead we find horns and strings adorn many of the tracks along with ambient atmospherics.  The album features performances by Bryden Baird (Feist), Mike Olsen (Hidden Cameras, Arcade Fire), Emma-Lee, Christen Zuch & Adam Warner(Royal Wood).

I decided to go with self-titled for this album even though it's my 5th studio album 'cause I feel like it's a new beginning. I feel like I'm really starting to understand what kind of music I should be making for myself and what use it can have in the people's lives who listen to it.  I feel like barriers have been removed and I feel like this is the beginning of an incredibly creative period for me.  I really want to make another record right away!  Overall, this record will probably seem darker than anything I've done.  I just feel like it's honest.  I feel like that's my job. If I can be of any use to anyone it's by being totally honest.  That's the music that I relate to.  Music that feels honest and that makes me feel like I'm not alone."

Toronto-based Rob Szabo is a tireless solitary touring troubadour, an acclaimed songwriter and in-demand record producer.  His studio recordings get raves from press, both in Canada and the U.S., where he’s been called “Cobain-worthy” and “like prime Costello”.  Canada’s CBC Radio 1 & 2 champion his music on shows nationwide.

Rob is currently performing about 100 shows per year, making records as a solo artist and producing other artists.  His fans always mention Rob’s ever-present wry smile, and how he makes you feel like you’re in on a shared secret.

Rob plays honest intense music for music lovers.

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Rob Szabo Guitars and vocals


Daniel Lanois
Jeff Buckley
Neil Young
The Beatles
Ryan Adams
Ray Lamontagne
Ron Sexsmith
Rob Szabo
March, 2011
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Life & Limb
September, 2008
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Like A Metaphor
Basement Bar Records
April, 2006
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Late Bloomer/Sore Loser
Basement Recordings
November, 2004
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a battery of tests
May, 2003
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Good Son 3:41

Good Son

Tour Video

Breaking Even 4:01

Breaking Even

Animated Music Video

The Good Son Documentary 7:45
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