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artist Rob 3 FLEXxX

Peterborough, ON, CANADA
Rock, Electronic

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Attempting to incorporate a Heavy Guitar sound with Electronic Music is definitely not a new idea, but doing it with a natural & organic feel is not an easy feat without it feeling awkward, mechanical or even forced upon a listener. While there are numerous bands that continue to experiment with this form of hybrid combination there are only a couple of bands that have been actually successful in performing this concept. The Artist known as Rob E FLEXxX, based out of Peterborough, Ontario (Just 1.5 hours East of Toronto) has not only kept his music organic he has managed to capture and mix numerous music styles and influences with his heavy guitar riffs while pushing the musical boundaries of Hard Rock/Nu Metal further with his eccentric approach.

Rob E FLEXxX has been releasing his latest material to download for FREE through his artist profile on REVERBNATION for the past 2 months to an increasing fan base (which he affectionately calls his FLEXxXy Beasts). In addition to that, Rob is in the process of collaborating and playing guitar for 2 other projects in the upcoming weeks; one of which is with the artist formerly known as Odissi’s upcoming project, A Racehorse Named Charlie.

In the meantime, Rob E FLEXxX continues to push forward as a Solo Artist as he recently climbed to 4th position on the local charts for Peterborough & the Kawarthas, and to 192 in the National Charts for Alternative Music in Canada on Reverbnation, up over a 100 positions from the week before. The FLEXxXy one states on his recent success of material and his progress: “I feel that I’m trying to do something a little bit different, maybe even considered warped by some (Laughs) while staying to true to my Hard Rock/Metal roots. I have been connecting with a lot of new fans the past couple of weeks, and I always to try thank and write each one of them back for their support, and for becoming FLEXxXy Beasts… I figure if Lady Gaga can, “Little Monsters,” I can have an army of, “FLEXxXy Beasts(Laughs)."

You can get the New FLEXxXY Mobile App, and his: latest downloads, NEWS updates, and tour dates from his ReverbNation website @:

"Liz Melody shared a link: The fun thing about doing a voice sample cd is seeing what people come up with. I get sent quite a bit and some is good some not so good. This may not be for everyone-pretty hard dark and rock'n'roll but it is one that stands out for me as I am rocker at heart and I think what Rob has done with the vocals is very clever rhythmically and melodically especially considering it was initially for a house track! Nice work! I thought I'd share Check out You're Dirty Baby (Vocals: Liz Melody, Drms: Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche) by Rob 3 FL3XxX" - Liz Melody , Liz Melody:  FaceBook Musician/Band Page (Jul 30, 2012)

Richard Oliver: Wow, I love it, great work. Did you get the vocals from a Vocal Attack sample album? Which one?
(Richard Oliver, Richard Oliver FaceBook Musician/Band Page (Sept 1, 2012) 

Quick Bio Facts:

* Currently (as of Sept 2012) working on a 3rd Solo Project (with a Title Still to be Determined) & Collaborating and playing Guitar for, A Racehorse Named Charlie & the artist formerly known as Odissi's upcoming project

* A founding member of the band, EcHoS oF eNvY (2008 - 2011)

* Featured on CHEX-TV as a member of the power tandem Guy Doucette, June 2002 Debut Cd

* Freaks For Fun, was officially released May 1999, with material (Shark Attack, and FUBAR) being featured on the Radica Games Limited 2000 CD-rom Catalogue ( 

* Drop Dead, from the CD Way Beyond XXX, appeared on the Canadian Independent Box Set (disc 2, track 14) 

* Rob was the Winner of the 1st Annual Guitar Wars Sponsored by Jack Daniels, in Peterborough, Feb 1992. High-lights of this event were coincidently featured on Much-Music. 

* Rob performed Classical Music studies from 1992-1995 @ Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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