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artist Rat Silo

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Alt Rock, Alt Pop

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Sons Of Freedom broke up in 1993. Rat Silo's Jim Newton was the singer for that band, and also Rat Silo's bass player Don Binns was in SOF. After quitting SOF, Jim waited until he felt like making music again, and called in his chums. Don Binns has worked with jakalope, Bif Naked, Art Bergmann, Econoline Crush. Sean Stubbs was drawn in for the drums - he has played with Numb, SNFU, Jakalope, Bif Naked and Tainted Lovers. Guitar player Finn Manniche has played with 54-40, as well as hundreds of classical and jazz quartets. Dave Osborne also played with 54-40 and Tainted Lovers. Songs were written from 2003 - 2007, and rehearsals began in earnest in September 2007. After 3 days of tracking and mixing in October 2007, we now have the first Rat Silo CD - "November 2007: What The Butler Saw". 9 songs projecting the joy of uncovering the human psyche. All of the songs were written by Jim Newton except for a beautiful spirited version of the Ramones song "I Don't Care" from Rocket To Russia. LIsteners are encouraged to drink vast quantities of cough syrup before enjoying this opus. Another song that stands out is "The Cock The Size Of Roma", where listeners get to check out 2 versions. The song was originally written using sound effects only, and then later adapted for use as a regular good old rock and roll song. Which one do you like best? The music will be released on cd in early December 2007, as well as on drop cards for downloading from the ineternet. An Account will beset up at CDBaby, and also a SNOCAP interface will soon be in place for ordering directly from the myspace page. We also got some nice T-Shirts.


jim newton 59 singer
Finn Manniche Guitar
Don Binns Bass
Dave Osborne Keyboards
Sean Stubbs Drums


The Swans
Dim Sum
Rufus Wainwright
pj harvey
Les Amis Du Fromage
Most Small Mammals
Sex Pistols
The Stooges
Everything On The Menu In A Bucket With The Eggs On Top
Anything with meerkats in it
Ziggy Stardust
The Ramones
Psychic Warriors Of Gaia
Chip Butties
Old Speckled Hen
Pippilotti Rist
The Smiths
Kettel One Vodka
The Great Northern Way
October, 2011
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March 2009: doubleplusungood
March, 2009
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November 2007: What The Butler saw
December, 2007
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Getupgotoworkgohomegotobed 3:59


(2008) Director and Camera Operator: Kevin Moore. Camera Assistants: Chris Goldade and Manvinder Dhak. Editing and Colour Correction: Chris Goldade. Rat Silo - Jim Newton, Finn Manniche, Don Binns, Dave Osborne and Sean Stubbs.

Heavy 4:56


music video for the somg "Heavy" on Rat Silo's 2011 cd "The Great Northern Way". Jeremy Todd: creating and editing, Jim Newton: vocals, guitar, Finn Manniche: guitar, Dave Osborne: keyboards, Don Binns: bass, Sean Stubbs: drums

where to buy
w 4th, Vancouver, BC
Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
Calgary, AB
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