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artist Radio Radio

Montréal, QC, CANADA
Bonsound Records
Hip-Hop, Electro
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Radio Radio's fourth studio album, Ej feel zoo, was released on March 18th, 2014 via Bonsound. After conquering the city (Cliché Hot), the sea (Belmundo Regal) and the stars (Havre de Grâce), and thus closing the first chapter of their story, the Acadian band wanted this album to capture the energy of their live shows. These new anthemic songs will easily find their place alongside their best hits.

Unlike its predecessor, notable for its numerous guest artists, Ej feel zoo is a cultivation of the best elements of Radio Radio's musical career. Among the few musicians who lent a hand on this new opus is Kim Ho (who will also be joining the band on tour). His guitar riffs (on 50 Shades of Beige) bring the funk out of Zander MacWeegen's highly-original electro beats. This album is about going back to basics, musically and thematically. Radio Radio seeks to reveal the primitive instincts buried deep inside the modern human.

Nature is more than our home… It's us. Ej feel zoo is above all a scream that asserts our connection to this vast reality, explains Radio Radio. It’s a howl at the embers to reignite the tribal fire. It's an energizing shout that ensures we stay alert in a time when the animal and the primal instinct within us are confined. It's also a way of answering our need to sweat and to stimulate the body and soul.

More than anything, Ej feel zoo is a liberating anthem for the men and women of our time, open to everyone’s interpretation.


Ej feel zoo
Bonsound Records
March, 2014
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Havre de Grâce
Bonsound Records
April, 2012
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Belmundo Regal
Bonsound Records
March, 2010
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Cliché Hot
Bonsound Records
May, 2008
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TéléTélé (EP)
October, 2007
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upcoming shows

Apr 24 Lafayette Festival International de Louisiane / Scène Stabil Drill International
Apr 27 Lafayette Festival International de Louisiane / Scène Lafayette General Fais Do Do
May 31 Gatineau Parc Jacques-Cartier
Jul 11 Quebec City Théâtre Impérial


Comment ça va? 3:48

Comment ça va?

Label + Producer: BONSOUND, Production House: PARCE QUE FILMS, Director: MATHIEU CYR, Producer: OLIVIER PICARD, DOP: SPG, Production manager: CATHERINE GUYOT-SIONNEST & et PHILIPPE ACHKHANIAN, Artistic Director: YOLA VAN LEEUWENKAMP, Stylist: JENNIFER BERGERON, Make-up: LEONIE LEVESQUE, DA assist.: MATTEO PELLEGRINI, Editing: MAXIME DUMONT, Color correction: MÉLANIE FORDHAM, Postproduction manager: CATHERINE GAGNÉ, Assist.editor & data wrangler: VINCENT DROLET

Gong Hotel 3:35

Gong Hotel

Album: HAVRE DE GRÂCE, Label + Producer: BONSOUND, Production House: PARCE QUE FILMS []Directors: BAZ [] + GPG [], D.O.P.: SPG [], First AC: Keven Verreault + Jerry Pigeon + Alexis Bourassa, Production manager: CLOÉ FORTIN, Editing + Color correction: LOUIS-PHILIPPE CHARETTE, THANKS TO ALL THE DANCERS, EXTRAS AND LOCATION OWNERS

Galope 4:51


Album: Havre de Grâce, Label & Management: Bonsound, Director: Arnaud Brisebois, Producer: Josh Usheroff, Production company: Black Box Productions Ltd., DOP: Jonathan Decoste, 1st AD: Aurélie Bernos, Art director: Gregory Nowak, Stylist: Sydney Krause, Make up: Amélie Bruneau Longpré, Hair stylist: Martin Alarie, Editor: Elisabeth Olga Tremblay, Post-production: Mokko Studio, Colorist: Thomas Halle

Cargué dans ma chaise 4:47

Cargué dans ma chaise

Director: Gabriel Allard Gagnon,  DOP: Iouri Philippe Paillé Art,  Director: Stéphanie L'Allier,  Editing and post-production: David Valiquette, Graphic Design: Noémie Darveau, Gabriel Allard,  Starring: Shaman Tiburcio Kan May, Maureen Franck, Francisco Sanchez Ruz, Production: Ménaïc Raoul, Executive Producer: David Valiquette, Production director: Dominique Duneton, Yucatan Productions, Produced by Voyous Films for Bonsound Records

Guess What? 4:36

Guess What?

Directed by Jonathan Bensimon Produced by Cherie Sinclair / Sarah Siddons Producer: The Field DOP : Jonathan Bensimon Production director: Jonathan Bensimon Colorist: Daniel J. Kelly SR. Flame: Daniel J. Kelly JR. Flame: Nicolas Pellicelli Editor: Geoff Ashenhurst Post Production: Motor / Flame Artist Post Producer: Catherine St-Hilaire From the album "Belmundo Regal" Label: Bonsound Records Management: Bonsound

Dekshoo 4:06


Réalisé par / Directed by Jérémie Saindon Produit par / Produced by Sach Baylin-Stern Maison de production / Producer: Antler Films Directeur photo / DOP : Christophe Colette Directeur de production / Production director: Josh Usheroff Styliste / Fashion designer: Dang Trinh Monteur / Editor : Sébastien Delporte Maquilleuse / Make up: Jennifer Dionne Post Production: Vision Globale Album: Belmundo Regal Label: Bonsound Records Management: Bonsound

Cliché Hot 3:59

Cliché Hot

Album: Cliché Hot (Bonsound Records) Director: Simon Madore Production: VOLT / TFO

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 Limited Play

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