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artist Paper Moon

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Endearing Records
Alt Pop, Alt Rock

biographical info

Paper Moon are from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Only During Thunderstorms is the group’s third full-length record.

For Only During Thunderstorms, the band was looking for an edgier, more energetic sound that better suilted their personalities. This goal was realized with the assistance of friend and up-and-coming producer Ryan Worsley (Dawntreader, Maplewood Lane), who brought new life and perspective to the songs. The first single, “What Are You Going To Do With Me?”, was released on a CDEP which has received highly favourable reviews and has charted well on national radio.

Formed in 2000, Paper Moon released their debut One Thousand Reasons to Stay...One Reason to Leave in 2002. The record hit #5 on the Canadian Campus Top 50. Described as “a perfect dose of perfect pop,” (London Scene), the songs on One Thousand Reasons to Stay... were “short, sweet, and catchy as hell” (Exclaim Magazine).

Their follow up release - the sophisticated Broken Hearts Break Faster Every Day (2006) reached #1 on campus charts and had critics lauding its “tight, literate and melodic songs...that are catchy upon the first listen” (PopMatters). Singer and lyricist Allison Shevernoha wrote “a compelling pop confessional that  recognizes life’s petty foibles, its stolen moments and its late reflective nights”
(Uptown). National recognition was such that the album was nominated for a 2006 Western Canadian Music Award for Best Pop Recording, alongside the likes
of Michael Buble, Jann Arden and Daniel Powter.

The band has toured extensively across Canada several times and has played packed showcases at a number of festivals including the Halifax Pop Explosion, CMW , NMW , NXNE , SxSW, Musexpo, Pop Montreal, Western Canadian Music Week and Berlin’s Popkomm.

Paper Moon write songs that creatively explore universal themes. Lyrics cover such subjects as relationships, friendships and the difficulties encountered in daily life. The strength of the band’s songwriting has been recognized by a number of directors in film and television, with over 30 productions in North America and Japan featuring Paper Moon’s music. Projects range from documentaries to network TV, travel shows to Hollywood films, edgy cable TV to docudramas.

Paper Moon has dialed into exactly what it is that makes a great pop song, and they hope to make many more.


Allison Shevernoha Vocals/Guitar
Chris Hiebert Drums
John Wilson Guitar
Nikki Taylor Keyboards/Vocals
Ken Phillips Bass


Juliana Hatfield
That Dog
The Cardigans
Only During Thunderstorms
Endearing Records
April, 2009
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What Are You Going to Do With Me?
Endearing Records
January, 2009
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Broken Hearts Break Faster Everyday
Maple Music
February, 2006
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Zunior Holiday
December, 2005
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IPX No. 2 - Paper Moon and the Leslies
Endearing Records
October, 2003
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Lilac Time/Stephen Duffy Tribute Album
September, 2003
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Somebody Needs A Timeout (V/A Compilation)
August, 2002
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One Thousand Reasons To Stay...(Japanese Release)
June, 2002
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One Thousand Reasons To Stay...One Reason To Leave
Endearing Records
May, 2002
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Paper Moon

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