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artist Paper Lions

Charlottetown, PE, CANADA
Fountain Pop Records
Pop, Rock

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Paper Lions has been working on their new album for the past two years; and by two years – they really mean it. The band spends most days in a studio working and re-working songs. Their process for this record is, to them, novel. Previously, they would write songs in a jam space, take them on the road, then spend a month in the studio. This time around, the band went right to the studio, recording songs three to four times before deciding on a final version.

The reasons why they’ve done it differently this time are clear - they’ve evolved as musicians and songwriters - but there’s more to it. Imagine going to a doctor with a broken arm. The doctor’s role is to fix your arm, elevating you from a terrible feeling to a normal feeling. Now continue that spectrum higher - to a fantastic feeling - to those peak moments and experiences in life. That is what’s driving Paper Lions these days.


Paper Lions is a band whose music is heard by millions every year, in spite of never having a hit song, never having a hit album, and never really becoming a household name – even in their own country. There has been something about the familial blend of John and Rob MacPhee’s vocals, the band’s songwriting and arranging sensibility, and some feeling best felt at the live show - when the energy is right - that has resulted in the many champions that have rallied around the band.


These supporters have led to experiences like performing with Cirque du Soleil in Shanghai, extensively touring North America and Australia, opening tours for artists like CAKE, and playing a wide range of venues and festivals around the world. It has led to millions of people discovering the band through online streaming and radio supporters like The Verge, Iceberg and The Peak. It has led some of the more attentive music supervisors, working with networks like ABC and NBC, to dig a little deeper to find the music of a band who has been hidden away in the remote Canadian province of PEI – better known for Anne of Green Gables, potatoes, and seafood than for pop music.


Now Paper Lions is preparing to launch their most ambitious album to date, with songs written to make your day, a show prepared to startle your senses and a purpose to lift you from the daily cycle – into a peak moment to take with you to the grave.

Paper Lions’ is Colin Buchanan, John MacPhee, Rob MacPhee, and David Cyrus MacDonald


John MacPhee singer/guitarist
Rob MacPhee bassist
Colin Buchanan guitarist
David Cyrus MacDonald drummer


Fountain Pop Records
October, 2015
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Paper Lions

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